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    The sooth of thy lessons be forever held deeply in the hearts and in the minds of all feline people from near to far. For the sake of proper life and of proper cast in the face of all enemies let them never forget. May God bless thee one thousand fold, oh good and gentle master.

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Harvey The Cat (Series)

"Quadrupedal Locomotion does not necessarily represent intellectual inadequacy"

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    July 13, 2013

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About The Series

Enjoy the adventures of Harvey the Cat and Grand Master Po...

Well, the grand master is but one unhurried and unpretentious feline and given that all cats possess the spark of true royalty both heroic and august deep within their souls, this site is for all Cats, so that their humans may share the lore of their exploits with others of similar predilection.

I hope that you two legged people out there will use this site for the sharing of your stories concerning your Feline friends. As well as checking out my first little collection of semi-true tales of those furry friends that I have had the rare privilege of spending time with.

The Contact The Author button will allow you to directly Email me and I can guarantee a response. If I am slow in returning your communication then I beg your indulgence in my need to have an outside job that pays for cat food but requires some of my time!

So do not stand on ceremony here! We are all members of a rare group of persons: those who enjoy the privilege of knowing the second great species on this planet! This is a celebration of the domestic cat and all the happiness and knowledge that association with these amazing creatures can bring.

So read! Email me and share your experiences here with other cat people!

I plan to publish one short story per month on Kindle so if you like the book, there will be more Harvey tales yet to come.

My readers are my family!

Enjoy Life Though A Cat's Eye

This book is a truly for cat lover's everywhere

Enjoy a quick read of my delightful tale:

"I just made it! If that monster hadn't slipped in the snow, I'd be hamburger right now. This infernal ice is nearly impossible to hang onto. I pray that dear cousin Harvey can keep his grip! Ah! Here he is, "Move up a bit, my dear relative, I need some room!" Read More with Amazon Quick Peek

About The Author

Joseph W Crews Published Kindle Author

Hi, I'm J W Crews. I have spent my life caring for stray cats, and presently look after 5. Harvey himself being one of them! This collection of short stories was written during my stay in Rural Southern Georgia. The main characters are based on real four legged people and the situations were suggested by actual events. I have enjoyed such personal fulfillment from being a close friend to these furry folk that I decided to publish my description of their exploits for the first time. These are their stories and should you enjoy them, there will be more published (one at a time for .99 cents) every month from now until maybe this time next year around the same time.

Contact The Author

A quick peak ...

Harvey sure can get into a lot of trouble, but that's what cat's do best.. Life the "cat's life" through the eyes and mind of Harvey the Cat and Grand Master Po.


All cats have NO Fear

Quick Minds

Cats are witty and quick on thier feet too!


Cats live on the edge of excitement


What cat doesn't wander looking for knowledge


It's what being a cat is all about Happiness!

Read all of these great reviews

Read just some of the awesome reviews that are all over the web.

  • It's a very moving book and has humor and compassion. It has all the elements of a well-written cat tale.

    - C Christopher
  • The stories of love and companionship found in this particular book are moving, cheering, and sad all at the same time. If you are a cat lover, then you will enjoy this book.

    - L Hunter
  • I found myself sometimes laughing and sometimes crying, but always being enthralled with the stories of our favorite cat.

    - L Strong
  • What a great story about our mysterious friends the cats. Who wouldn't want the life of a cat..especially Harvey?

    - M Schmidt
  • This is an exceptionally sweet book with a great collection of short tales and a gorgeous cat on the cover.

    - J Lindberg
  • Cat Lovers this is the book for you!

    - T Ellie

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